Kasen Ibaraki


Oni Gate Abou Yaksha

The usual outfit of Kasen from the world of iron and steam. She wields an oni metal club and protects the white tiger's west.

Oni Gate Abou Yaksha
Voice Lines
Temperament: Zui-un

Zui-un (a Touhou LW original) refers to shining clouds that appear as a good omen. This is an apt temperament for this Kasen, who supports the New Land of the Oni as a Nio oni.Kasen's original temperament of Metal Phase (strong against Earth Phase but weak to Fire Phase) and Sun Essence (strong against Star Essence but weak to Moon Essence) have combined with her guardian white tiger's temperament (strong against Wood Phase).

Ability: Capable of guiding animals (Berserk)

The ability of Kasen Ibaraki from the world of iron and steam (a Touhou LW original). Those who reside in the world where mountain resources are converted to power have formed their own unique civilization. Kasen's ability doesn't appear to have changed much, but she seems to have used it extensively to establish the civilization she's a part of.This world's Kasen and Yuugi work to support Suika as the two Nio oni. In our world, these three are all known as members of the Big Four of the Mountain, but things are a little different in this world. One difference being that the fourth member of the Big Four is nowhere to be found.''Nio'' is nothing more than a title used to refer to two people in much the same way as ''Big Four'' is used to refer to four. What's special about this world's oni is that their traits have intensified due to them roaming outside the flow of history. Humans began keeping written historical records in earnest when they formed permanent settlements. On the other hand, tribes who continued to wander the land didn't do so, making knowledge of them more elusive. The oni may have been one such tribe.Around a thousand years ago, during the Heian era, Shuten-Douji and her band of oni roamed the land between Kyoto and Mount Oe. Each night, they ran amok. It's thought that Kasen, who at the time, went by Ibaraki-Douji, was part of this group. Where she was before this time is unclear. Different legends give different locations for her hometown, but equally, she may have been in the Land of the Oni, Hell, or some other world entirely. Shuten-Douji's group disbanded after an oni extermination known as the Battle of Mount Oe. It's said the oni despaired at the humans, who had stopped fearing them, and retreated to Hell. Ibaraki-Douji, on the other hand, fled the Battle of Mount Oe, only to later lose her arm in combat against a certain samurai... or so the story goes. However, the life of this world's Ibaraki-Douji did not follow that path. She never lost her arm, nor did she arrive in Gensokyo. She didn't even become a hermit.That said, there's still one thing that doesn't make sense. Shuten-Douji―also known as Suika Ibuki―was supposedly defeated, but Kasen and Yuugi continue to serve her. It's as if the Battle of Mount Oe never happened. It's as if they're reliving a happier time in the present.The oni decided to take the youkai who served them and establish a new Land of the Oni. Using their own sense of time and abilities, they created a spiritual civilization―one that was fundamentally different from any human civilization. Having distanced themselves from humans, the oni could no longer sustain themselves on human fear, so they had to find another energy cycle to harness. As a result, they created a new system of faith. This system reverted their existence to the time before gods and oni diverged and redrew the line distinguishing humans from non-humans. Suika Ibuki, whom Kasen and the others serve, made this possible. Using geothermal energy, she warmed the land, turning it into a hot spring town, which became the New Land of the Oni. Metal was deemed necessary to withstand the town's high temperature and pressure and rule over the land, so a huge quantity of it is consumed each day. The New Land of the Oni is an economic society built on the supply of geothermal energy, the production and distribution of metal, and the currency of faith. This secret hot spring town is kept afloat by those three things. But remember, all of this only exists because of their failure to reach Gensokyo.In modern material civilizations, the term ''animal'' refers to certain species of living creatures as designated by the study of biology. However, in sophisticated spiritual civilizations, ''animal'' has a broader meaning and encompasses all beings with an anima. It's predicted that this world's Kasen (i.e., Ibaraki-Douji) uses her ability to help lead the oni as Shuten-Douji's right hand.



The Spread Shot of Kasen Ibaraki from the world of iron and steam (a Touhou LW original). She sends her white tiger forth to attack. This world's Kasen has a white tiger who battles alongside her. It's apparently a rather intelligent beast youkai. When the white tiger of the Four Auspicious Beasts takes a human form, it's known as Kanhei Shinkun (Jian Bing in Chinese), but its relation to Kasen's white tiger is unclear.

  • Kanhei's Advance
  • Kanhei's Surprise Attack
  • Kanhei's Assault
  • Kanhei's Impact
  • Kanhei's Sudden Strike
  • Kanhei's Attack
Oni Metal Club (Hammer)

The Focus Shot of Kasen Ibaraki from the world of iron and steam (a Touhou LW original). She swings her beloved metal club in this attack. It's said that the fact oni hold metal clubs hints that they may have originated, in part, from a clan of ironsmiths. It's also said the ippon-datara youkai share the same roots, and that their appearance resembles the blacksmiths of old. The sight of them swinging their hammers with their muscular arms surely must have been frightful.

  • Metal Club Advance
  • Metal Club Surprise Attack
  • Metal Club Assault
  • Metal Club Impact
  • Metal Club Sudden Strike
  • Metal Club Attack
Tiger Sign: West Gate White Tiger

A Spell Card of Kasen Ibaraki from the world of iron and steam (a Touhou LW original). She has Kanhei attack for her. It's rare to see the two Nio oni without their beast youkai, who strongly resemble the Four Auspicious Beasts. They are thought to command their beast youkai via a type of kijutsu (oni magic) which shares its origins with Taoism. This method is similar to the one used to control shikigami, and it's easy to imagine it involves some form of anima manipulation.

  • White Tiger's Ferocious Advance
  • White Tiger's Ferocious Surprise Attack
  • White Tiger's Ferocious Assault
  • White Tiger's Ferocious Impact
  • White Tiger's Ferocious Sudden Strike
  • White Tiger's Ferocious Attack
Tiger Sign: Tiger's Growl

A Spell Card of Kasen Ibaraki from the world of iron and steam (a Touhou LW original). She manipulates anima to rule over a city. Kasen can use her beast youkai's anima and her metal club together to release sound waves that assault her foe's spirit. The original use for this technique was to give directivity to magic via the Ibaraki Box of a Hundred Medicines, a magical item embedded in her metal club, and manage the Hot Spring Town, which is one massive, multi-part contraption.

  • White Tiger's Wail
  • White Tiger's Roar
  • White Tiger's Howl
  • White Tiger's Bellow
  • White Tiger's Cry
  • White Tiger's Screech
Evil Yaksha - Ox-Headed Gokusotsu

The Last Word of Kasen Ibaraki from the world of iron and steam (a Touhou LW original). She rules over paradise with her knowledge from Hell. With her background as an oni and the way she uses her ability as a guard of Hell, she rules the Hot Spring Town that's become the New Land of the Oni.The New Land of the Oni is a giant steel contraption with mechanisms spread throughout, all of which Kasen can activate using her metal club as a key. This system is fundamentally different from city-control systems that center on using modern electrical devices, but in many ways, it's more advanced. Despite its appearance, the New Land of the Oni is a highly sophisticated feat of construction.

  • Evil Oni Youkai Flurry
  • Yaksha Youkai Flurry
  • Kanhei Youkai Flurry
  • White Tiger Youkai Flurry
  • Ox-Headed Youkai Flurry
  • Gokusotsu Youkai Flurry


Skill: West Gate God

The city was built facing south, so the southernmost gate is the main entrance. That would make the west the city's right side.

Skill: Shuten's Right Arm

The right is a sacred position. It is where those most treasured stand.

Skill: Closed-Mouth Nio

A closed mouth is the position of the end. It's used to pronounce the Japanese ''n'' sound.

Passive: Twin-Horned White Oni
Passive: Mount Oe Ibaraki-Douji
Passive: Yaksha Lady