Marisa Kirisame


Witch of Scarlet Dreams

Marisa's usual outfit at the Scarlet Devil Tower. Apparently, it looks red because of redshift.

Witch of Scarlet Dreams
Voice Lines
Temperament: Hiderigami

Hiderigami (a Touhou LW original) refers to drought, but at the same time it also refers to a god that causes drought. Perhaps the temperament is connected to how this version of Marisa keeps radiating fiery heat from the heavens...? Because of this Marisa's peculiar circumstances, her Phase and Essence endowments are completely different from the usual. Sun Essence (the celestial star that provides heat), Moon Essence (the giant star of the night brimming with magic), and Star Essence (celestial bodies in general) all fall under the rules of astronomy and are thus contained within this Marisa, making them ineffective against her. Conversely, Wood Phase, which is free-spirited and full of young life, is her weakness.

Ability: Capable of using magic?

It is likely that this version of Marisa's ability started off the same as our version of Marisa's ability, but as she changed, so did her ability. However, it is still unknown. It is probably deeply connected to stars. Red stars are considered bad omens, so perhaps her ability itself is an omen. Stars are used as another way to talk about fate and destiny. It is also said that you become a star after death. There may be a strange correlation between human lives and the stars in the sky. In other words, you could say that existence itself is in the astral plane, and those with physical bodies on earth are but astral dreams - no more than shadows. One by one, the stars in the night sky connect the astral plane and the shadows... It is just an idea, but the theory behind it is solid.


Hakkero Fire

Marisa Kirisame (the Witch of Scarlet Dreams)'s Spread Shot (a Touhou LW original). This attack uses the pillars of fire that burst out from the bewitched mini hakkero. When the mini hakkero turned into a simple tsukumogami during a certain incident, this was the only technique Marisa could use, if ''use'' is the right word for the out-of-control flames. However, this version of Marisa has been a witch for a very long time, and the mini hakkero that was always at her side awoke once more as a tsukumogami. It is a little strange though, since normally tsukumogami are supposed to be formed from tools that are no longer being used...

  • Heaven Fire Bullet
  • Marsh Fire Bullet
  • Thunder Fire Bullet
  • Wind Fire Bullet
  • Mountain Fire Bullet
  • Ground Fire Bullet
Cold Inferno

Marisa Kirisame (the Witch of Scarlet Dreams)'s Focus Shot (a Touhou LW original). She uses the low-temperature spiritual energy that the mini hakkero shoots out to attack. This was originally an experimental shot that Marisa almost never used. This version of Marisa is specialized in emitting heat, but that also means that she is discharging cold air in a different way. She is probably using this exhaust heat - rather, exhaust cold - to stabilize her former experimental shot.

  • Frostbite Bullet
  • Cold Air Bullet
  • Chill Burn Bullet
  • Cold Air Bullet
  • Ice Hell Bullet
  • Cold Hell Bullet
Red Side: Alter Spark

Marisa Kirisame (the Witch of Scarlet Dreams)'s Spell Card (a Touhou LW original). She attacks with a discolored Master Spark. It seems similar to Dark Spark, but the lasers are a different color. Master Spark bullets are bullets of light that shoot straight and far like starlight. Stars change color and size as they age... This version of Marisa may have been aware of this fact.

  • Red Master Spark Bullet
  • Flaming Master Spark Bullet
  • Crimson Master Spark Bullet
  • Brilliant Master Spark Bullet
  • Explosive Master Spark Bullet
  • Rampaging Hot Master Spark Bullet
Supergiant: Antares

Marisa Kirisame (the Witch of Scarlet Dreams)'s Spell Card (a Touhou LW original). This bullet hell attack drops a huge red star that is ripe like a fruit. In regular magic, celestial bodies are nothing more than countless small skylights that shine brightly. However, as far as this attack is concerned, this version of Marisa treats celestial bodies as spherical worlds like the earth and the moon. Maybe this is because Marisa has accurately deciphered literature from the outside world... Or is it secondhand knowledge from elsewhere?

  • Red Star Bullet
  • Great Fire Bullet
  • Harvest Star Bullet
  • Drunken Star Bullet
  • Liquid Fire Bullet
  • Scorpion Heart Bullet
Garnet Star

Marisa Kirisame (the Witch of Scarlet Dream)'s Last Word (a Touhou LW original). This attack shoots forth a red meteor. You could say it's this Marisa's Blazing Star. The real-life Garnet Star which this attack is named after is a strange star with fluctuating brightness. Perhaps this Marisa came up with the attack after finding out about it, interpreting it as a capricious star that sometimes comes closer and sometimes moves farther away.

  • Meteor Bullet
  • Fixed Star Bullet
  • Comet Bullet
  • Variable Star Bullet
  • Asteroid Bullet
  • Red Supergiant Bullet


Skill: BD -03 353

A record of a star read from a piece of a star chart. The star emits its greatest light when at its smallest.

Skill: HD 29139

A record of a star read from a piece of a star chart. A very big and heavy star.

Skill: LTT14184

A record of a star read from a piece of a star chart. One of the brightest stars in the night sky.

Passive: Disaster of an Unlucky Star
Passive: Blessing of a Fated Star
Passive: Star Reading