Alice Margatroid


Magical Girl of Constellations

The usual outfit of Alice, the magical girl. It appears Alice's idea of a magical girl is a girl wearing light armor.

Magical Girl of Constellations
Voice Lines
Temperament: Oort Cloud

Oort Cloud (a Touhou LW original) refers to the theoretical cloud of planetesimals in the far reaches of the solar system where comets are said to form. This is an apt temperament for Alice, who values intelligence and composure.This temperament appears to be the result of the Witch of Scarlet Dreams' influence (strong against Sun, Moon, and Star Essence but weak to Wood Phase) combined with Alice's original Wood Phase and Moon Essence temperament (strong against Sun Essence and Water Phase but weak to Star Essence and Metal Phase).

Ability: Capable of handling dolls?

The ability of Alice Margatroid, the magical girl (a Touhou LW original). The Witch of Scarlet Dreams has cast a spell on the world where magical girls exist. Phenomena known as ''''monsters'''' also appear in this world. Alice's ability doesn't appear to have changed much, but since she now fights as a magical girl, the way she uses it has changed drastically.There are lots of peculiar characteristics inherent to the world where magical girls exist. Too many to list them all here. For now, since this Alice is an incredibly important individual to the Witch of Scarlet Dreams, it would be best to try and explain this universe's Gensokyo Sphere (this universe's Gensokyo and its neighboring Other Worlds apart from the outside world). The fundamental essence of all magical girls lies in the concept of ''''cuteness''''... This may sound crazy, but it's the truth. And it needs to be explained before venturing any further. The complex and unique cuteness of magical girls, which is recognized around the world, comes from the nature inherent to children. Their set of features that magically charm and attract are called baby schema. And these features aren't limited to just humans; they are also what make juvenile animals so adorable. Seeing a child with a round face and large eyes elicits an emotional response that makes others want to care for and protect them. This is an evolutionary tactic that helps weak creatures survive, and those who protect these adorable creatures receive happiness in return. These are the instinctive traits that underpin familial love.Society exploits and hacks into these primordial instincts. The nature of humans hasn't changed from when they were still running around in the wild. Their bodies and minds haven't really developed all that much. Society functions by exploiting the bugs in the human psyche. Society makes people cooperate by expanding the concept of familial love to the love of organizations and even further to the love of a nation. Incidentally, the feelings of happiness gained from loving someone can also be obtained by loving a pet. The most important thing to note here is that no matter the age, modern or primitive, humanity as a whole has always been driven forward by feelings of love and happiness. In other words, from the perspective of humans, the world is full of cuteness.Everything gets safer, cheaper, and more subdivided the more advanced a society becomes. This is indicative of advances in culture as well. It was only a matter of time until the feelings of happiness attained when seeing cute things were made more accessible through a diverse range of consumer goods. There's nothing wrong with that, but... it's debatable whether this ''''cuteness'''' is the same thing. The original concept of cuteness may have been forgotten and replaced by a mutated and empty cuteness that pervades everything around us.In this Alice's universe, the original formative cuteness has entered Gensokyo as a thing of fantasy. This is how Alice and the other girls were able to become magical girls through the Witch of Scarlet Dreams' magic. In other words, this means that the cuteness originally felt by all primordial humans has been forgotten by everyone who lives in this universe's outside world.The Magical Girl of Constellations: This world's Alice is a magical girl. Her magical girl costume was based on the cute knight-esque clothes that she created for her dolls. When she unleashes her ultimate attack, her costume temporarily transforms into a dress of pure white. Her dolls are also imbued with star magic, and she controls them with invisible magic wires like how cuteness manipulates the emotions of love and happiness.


Sagittarius Doll

The Spread Shot of Alice Margatroid, the magical girl (a Touhou LW original). She borrows power from the Archer constellation in this attack. Constellations are areas of the celestial sphere that include a group of stars along with the perceived pattern that they form. Unlike simple asterisms, deeper meaning is sought in the connections between the stars of a constellation. When the invisible wires connecting the stars of a constellation are imbued with myths and legends, it creates a magical spell that is perpetuated by future generations.

  • Rukbat Doll
  • Arkab Prior Doll
  • Arkab Posterior Doll
  • Alnasl Doll
  • Kaus Media Doll
  • Kaus Australis Doll
Scorpius Doll

The Focus Shot of Alice Margatroid, the magical girl (a Touhou LW original). She borrows power from the Scorpion constellation in this attack. It's said that people's lives are reflected in the stars. This concept is what the zodiac, horoscopes, and the idea that people can be born under a certain star are based upon. However, all of these things originated from the single desire to predict the future by observing the passage of celestial objects. The movements of the stars and planets are precise and regular, so it makes sense that they might control the fate of all life on Earth.

  • Antares Doll
  • Acrab Doll
  • Dschubba Doll
  • Larawag Doll
  • Sargas Doll
  • Shaula Doll
Soldiers of the Southern Cross

A Spell Card of Alice Margatroid, the magical girl (a Touhou LW original). She borrows power from the Crux constellation. No matter where you are on Earth, part of the celestial sphere is always hidden from you because the Earth rotates on a tilted axis. That's why it's a good idea to travel. Your life will surely change when you see a night sky that you've never seen before.

  • Acrux Doll
  • Mimosa Doll
  • Gacrux Doll
  • Imai Doll
  • Ginan Doll
  • Tupa Doll
Knights of the Ecliptic

A Spell Card of Alice Margatroid, the magical girl (a Touhou LW original). She borrows power from the twelve ecliptic constellations known as the zodiac. Did you know that your star sign cannot be seen in the night sky during the month of your birth? This is because that constellation is out during the day. This speaks to how humans are supposed to be most active when the sun is up. If youkai had star signs, they would surely base them on the constellation most visible in the night sky during the month of their birth.

  • Ram & Bull Constellations
  • Twins & Crab Constellations
  • Lion & Maiden Constellations
  • Scales & Scorpion Constellations
  • Archer & Goat Constellations
  • Water-Bearer & Fish Constellations
Grand Guignolid Meteor Shower

The Last Word of Alice Margatroid, the magical girl (a Touhou LW original). She borrows the power of a meteor shower that doesn't exist. There is no such thing as the Grand Guignol constellation. But stars are crystalized hope that make wishes come true. They taste sweet, like kompeitou candy, and fall from the sky because they long to touch the Earth. Stars try to emit light in a straight line, but the atmosphere gets in their way, causing them to twinkle. The Witch of Scarlet Dreams' magic utilized these properties of the stars to enchant the hearts and minds of girls.One of these girls sewed together her own star magic spell and named it the ''Grand Guignolid Meteor Shower.'' She draws strings of light across the night sky, causing stars to burn up again and again. Her earnest wish is that one of these stars will eventually touch the ground, but such a wish will never come true... Then again, there might be some hope if she manages to pull down Titania or Goliath-class stardust.

  • α Meteor Shower
  • β Meteor Shower
  • γ Meteor Shower
  • δ Meteor Shower
  • ε Meteor Shower
  • ζ Meteor Shower


Skill: Aries & Taurus

There were fewer forms of entertainment in the past, so it was only natural that people took an interest in the night sky.

Skill: Gemini & Cancer

According to the law of Pragnanz, wanting to connect stars situated close together is a natural impulse.

Skill: Leo & Virgo

Interest in the night sky is what leads people to delve into the mysteries of astronomy. Having fun is important, but so is studying.

Passive: Libra
Passive: Capricorn
Passive: Aquarius & Pisces