21st Century New Year's

Christmas was over. It wouldn't be long before the next year began, and all the New Year's prep was done. Everyone was set to welcome in the new year in peace― "Waaaaaait!" Just then, a girl claiming to be the first president of the Secret Sealing Club burst into Hakurei Shrine. "Is Christmas over already? It can't be. I haven't had a Christmas party here yet! Sure, I've had 'em at other places, but you can never have enough parties!" And that's how Hakurei Shrine's rather strange Christmas party began.

Reimu Hakurei is a shrine maiden who dresses in red and white, which is perhaps why the Santa hat Sumireko made her wear suited her so well. She was looking a little sleepy, though―perhaps because she'd had a busy end-of-year. Sumireko Usami was the party organizer. She was determined to have as much fun as possible in the little time they had before the year ended. Marisa Kirisame had been invited to the party by Sumireko. She'd been to countless Christmas parties, but she was enjoying this one all the same. She'd, of course, chosen to wear a black Santa hat. Do you see Shinmyoumaru Sukuna anywhere? Actually, even if you do spot her, don't tell Sumireko, OK?

The shrine was covered in decorations, and they'd even dragged the Christmas tree back out. With all the cake and drinks arranged on the table, it was time to party! Aside from Marisa, a komainu, a bake-danuki, a hermit, and a book shop owner were all having a blast. Reimu had been opposed to the whole party idea from the beginning. She'd had her share of fun but was now looking awfully sleepy. Sumireko, however, wasn't about to let that stop her from chatting away with Reimu. Whether it's in a dream or in reality, each moment of fun we experience transforms into a precious memory.

'Tis the Season for Family "I tend to think of winter as the coldest season... but is that really the case?" Maybe it was the warmth of the room or the liveliness of the party, but as she drifted in and out of consciousness, Reimu felt winter could be quite warm and comforting. "See! A party like this isn't so bad from time to time, is it, Reimers?!"

"Hey, you. Come enjoy the party!" exclaimed Sumireko as she waved me over. I wasn't sure whether to get involved in the festivities, but if Sumireko was inviting me to join everyone, maybe it wasn't such a bad idea. I knew the party wouldn't last forever, but with laughter in the air and Christmas lights filling the room with a warm glow, I decided to enjoy it as much as I could. Even if this was all a dream, there's no chance I'll forget such a fun-filled end to the year.