Beach Sanshoku Geidontei

Summer isn't the only thing that never ends in this Gensokyo―blue sky and blue sea stretch on as far as the eye can see! Kourindou lies by that very sea, and the atmosphere inside is as bright as sunshine! Every day people come to play at the beach, while others come to eat and drink their fill. But it's safe to say that in this Gensokyo, a trip to the beach most certainly entails a trip to Kourindou. And serving all those customers in a fluster is the owner himself― ...Pfft, as if! You guessed it. Tending to the customers' every need with a smile is the one-and-only Miyoi Okunoda!

That's Miyoi Okunoda whizzing around with a can-do attitude waiting on all the customers. ...Not to say Kourin just rests in the back, you know? He's busy making swimming costumes and whatever else. Seems like Miyoi's really helping him out. Don't ask me how it ended up that way though. In any case, she looks like she's having a blast taking orders and chatting with customers... I know a certain Beach Shrine Maiden who'd fail to keep up with her. Yep, not a chance. ...Hm? What about me? Nah, I'd take surfing over customer service any day!

I reckon the reason so many people choose lounging around in the store over playing in the sea is 'cause of Miyoi. Oh, and also 'cause of how nice it is in here. I get it, but I gotta say I prefer staying active! You there, crow tengu! Quit lying around and take my picture already! ...What d'you mean you've finished for the day?! Hey, Suika... Tch, doesn't look like she's about to move any time soon. In that case... Reimu, Miyoi, have a word with this tengu, would ya?! ...Huh? Where'd they go?!

This store really does attract all sorts of people. Just as I was wondering where Reimu and Miyoi went, in came a cheerful-looking sage and a watermelon-crazy Goddess of Hell. Did I say all sorts of people? I meant all sorts of trouble. Gotta hand it to Miyoi for being so polite while she takes orders and chats with everyone who comes here. Right, just gotta get out of here before they see me... Hey, don't bring them this way, Reimu! I told you to leave anything watermelon-related to Kourin and his goofy sunglasses!

And just like that, I've been here all day. Customers kept coming in, ordering all sorts. There were even a few troublemakers. Watching Miyoi work, it really hit home just how tough running a shop can be. If the Kirisame Magic Shop hadn't sunk beneath the waves, today might've inspired me a little... Nah, probably not. ...That reminds me, Miyoi was giving Kourin an earful earlier, telling him to help out more. To be fair, he was sipping a soda with his stupid sunglasses on... But, yeah, I should make sure not to get on her bad side. Hang in there, Kourin.