Choujuu Gigaku

Kyouko Kasodani is a yamabiko who trains at Myouren Temple. She is the vocalist for the punk rock band Choujuu Gigaku. She sings every bit as loud as Mystia's guitar playing.

Mystia Lorelei is a night sparrow who runs a grilled lamprey store. She is the guitarist for the punk rock band Choujuu Gigaku. Her guitar playing is every bit as loud as Kyouko's singing.

Choujuu Gigaku is a punk band formed by Kyouko Kasodani and Mystia Lorelei. At their shows, music blasts out into the quiet of the night as Mystia's guitar screeches and Kyouko unleashes her repressed frustration (mainly from her training at the temple). Many of the local residents have complained about being woken up in the middle of the night by the noise.

I asked some people for their thoughts on the band's music. "It's like they give a voice to all our frustrations about the world," said one fan. "What do you mean, you don't get their music? That's 'cause you're listening with your ears. You gotta listen with your heart," said another. But not everyone was so positive, with one detractor claiming, "Their songs sound like the howls of a dying animal." The jury's out on the band's sound, but it seems they've gained a following among disgruntled youkai and fairies looking for a chance to let loose.

Next, I talked to some other musicians to see what they thought about the band's music. "I don't get it, but they rock!" exclaimed one such musician. "I don't get it either, but music is all about variety, so anything goes," stated another. "It's confusing to me too... but when I listen to their songs, it reminds me of all the possibilities music holds," said a third. While their peers recognize the band's sound as a legitimate form of musical expression, it seems praise for the music itself is hard to come by. But perhaps that's simply because the punk rock genre is relatively new to Gensokyo.