Dancers Take the Stage!

A Crow Tengu's Notepad - Entry 1 Today, I'm here at a live dance event featuring the secret god's two servants! Most of the time, they only dance for their master, but on occasion, they're permitted to perform in front of the public, like they're doing today. I mean, who wouldn't be thrilled to see them live?! Their dancing is just so gosh darn cute―I mean, impressive! ...What's that? Don't they dislike tengu? Well, yes, but Okina Matara has apparently given sole journalistic rights for the event to the Bunbunmaru Newspaper, which doesn't sound very fair. Other tengu reporters should at least be allowed to interview the servant performers. ...AHHH! Cut it out, you two! Firing bullets while dancing is dangerou― [Notes end abruptly here.]

A Crow Tengu's Notepad - Entry 24 Last time I tried to interview the two performers, I almost got blasted away... but not this time! This time I got what I came for! Satono Nishida: "I love dancing! Thanks to Master giving us permission to perform, I'm having a blast up on stage. I'm sure Mai feels the same way. ...Hang on. You're a tengu, aren't you?" Mai Teireida: "Just like Satono, I love dancing, and I'm super grateful to Master! She even comes to watch us perform! ...By the way, you're a tengu, right?" My, look at the time. I have other locations to visit, so I best be off. Thank you so much for the interviews, you two! W-Wait, I told you bullets were dangerou― [Notes end abruptly here.]

A Crow Tengu's Notepad - Entry 33 "Thanks for coming to see us perform today, everyone!" "This is a day for celebration! Things might get a little dangerous, but let's make sure we all have a great time!" Cheers echo through the venue. I'm dressed just like any other fan, and I'm ready to do some undercover reporting! But wow, their dancing and how they connect with the audience really is amazing! It's such a great show! Oh, boy. I feel like I might get swept up in the moment and forget why I'm really here! Satonooo! Maiiii! Whoa, they looked right this way! Boy, I better start cheering even louder! ...Huh? They were only looking this way because I'm a tengu? Don't be silly. Wow! Now they're firing bullets this way to show their appreciati― [Hastily written notes end abruptly here.]

A Crow Tengu's Notepad - Entry 34 As I'm jumping and screaming along with the performance on stage, I hear a "door" open behind me. I turn around to find... Okina Matara! Is this my chance to one-up the Bunbunmaru Newspaper and get an exclusive interview?! (Unfortunately, I'm kitted out head to toe in Mai and Satono fan goods and clothes right now... Ah, well!) Time for an interview with the secret god, who, for some reason, just appeared behind me! Okina: "I'm only here to see my adorable servants perform, you know?" Me: "Is that so?! I kind of figured as much, but still! Right, next question!" Okina: "Don't push your luck!" [Notepad ripped away below this point.]

A Crow Tengu's Notepad - Entry ?? As long as I'm alive, I'll keep reporting. That's what it means to be a journalist! Okina: "My adorable servants are often asked to perform like this. There's nothing wrong with that... I suppose." Me: "Aren't you the one who gave them permission?" Okina: "They're MY servants, you hear me?!" Yikes, I don't like where this is going. Me: "Th-Thanks for letting me interview you―" Okina: "Wait. Tell me about your outfit. Seems like you're a big fan of Satono and Mai." Me: "I'm only wearing all this so I can do some undercover reporting. To be honest, I'm barely a fan―" [Notepad blasted away below this point.]