Dog Race

Momiji Inubashiri is a white wolf tengu who patrols the Youkai Mountain. Her excellent sense of sight and hearing allows her to instantly find any intruders. She is usually on standby behind the mountain's waterfall.

Aunn Komano is the guardian beast of Hakurei Shrine and has the characteristics of both a lion and a komainu. According to Okina, she is apparently a divine spirit who dwelt within the shrine's komainu statue and was then given the form of a beast youkai.

Tengu are youkai with a strong sense of comradeship and so will immediately take up arms if they hear that one of their number has been defeated. Also, their coordination is far superior to almost every over species of youkai. They use this coordination to expel any intruders from the Youkai Mountain. Out of all the tengu, Momiji has a particularly cooperative personality and will faithfully undertake any mission.

Reimu says that Aunn is out and about more often than not, but if you ask Aunn, she'd say that Reimu is the one usually absent from the shrine. Are you aware that Aunn cleans and protects the Hakurei Shrine grounds while everyone else is away? Aunn constantly worries about your well-being while supporting you in secret.

Aunn went out on a walk after seeing that you and Reimu were at Hakurei Shrine. When she was running around the Youkai Mountain, she met Momiji, who was on guard duty. They both looked at each other and―took off without a word between them! A game of tag had begun! Perhaps they could understand each other without needing words... In any case, their jubilant howls echoed all over the Youkai Mountain.