Byakuren Hijiri is the head nun at Myouren Temple. She used to be a human, but she surpassed her humanity after many years of training. Now, she is a magician. She is also beloved by youkai for some reason even though she follows the path of Buddha.

Byakuren had been sealed by humans before coming to Gensokyo. Humans had been afraid of her because she had abilities that other people did not have. In the end, she was unsealed by the youkai who loved her.

In a previous incident, Byakuren wore a jet-black riding suit and rode around on her motorcycle. She was absolutely delighted when she got to ride on her motorcycle again for the Great Airsoft Festival.

With Reisen and Medicine on her side, Byakuren aimed for the flag of Team Kappa and rode forth on her motorcycle for recon. Bullets from play guns were nothing to her―she skillfully maneuvered her motorcycle through the barrage of bullets that flew at her.

Byakuren rode swiftly through the battlefield of Gensokyo to bring Team Moon Rabbit to victory, like the headless rider of legend...