Geidontei Girl

These are fragments of a connection between two people that have been pieced together. Even if the other is beyond reach, even if they feel like nothing more than a reflection in a pail of water, these fragments are proof that the connection exists at some time, in some world. "Thanks for coming to Geidontei! Hope to see you again soon!" A cheerful voice echoed out into the spring night as the shrine maiden and magician made their way home with a smile. Waving them off was none other than Geidontei's charming waitress, Miyoi Okunoda.

Miyoi works in the Human Village at the Geidontei pub. Although, apparently, it also operates as a youkai-only pub under the name Sanshoku Geidontei at night. In general, though, Geidontei is a well-hidden yet popular drinking establishment for humans and youkai alike. Who will patronize the pub tonight? Will it be an oni will the thirst of a great whale? Or perhaps the crow tengu reporter who proposed the name Sanshoku Geidontei? Whatever the case, the night is young, and closing time is still many hours away. With a flustered smile, Miyoi greeted the incoming guest. "Welcome to Sanshoku Geidontei, the pub of dreams and fantasy!"

Let the dream gently rock you from side to side. Sink into it and let it swallow you whole... Miyoi Okunoda is a zashiki-warashi surrounded by mysteries. One such mystery is why those who attend the same parties as her often have strange dreams... but can never recall them after they've woken up. Perhaps the oni who frequently visits Sanshoku Geidontei knows a little more about her. The mysteries of Miyoi. Strange dreams. You may want to know more, but you'd be well advised not to dig too deep. Why, you ask? Because she's a girl, and a girl needs her secrets!

The dreams are deep, fleeting, and faint. That's right. It's because they're glimpses of fantasy. If a terrifying youkai appeared before you in a dream, you'd likely be in no danger. (You never know, though, so caution is still advised.) In the dream, you may even be able to defeat the youkai with power that couldn't possibly exist in the real world. Thinking about it, that actually sounds kinda fun... "I almost forgot! There's a drink I'd like you to try. Are you ready for your next round?" said Miyoi to a customer with a sly grin.

"All right, time to close up for the night. Better go bring in the sign... Hm? Are you OK? It's closing time, you know? ...You feel like you were having the strangest dream, huh? Well, isn't that something? That reminds me! What do you say to one more drink? I have something I know you'll like." And so the pub of dreams and fantasy closed for the night. Or did it...? Cherry blossoms danced in the night breeze, if only for an instant. Like a fleeting vision of spring.