Grassroots Youkai Network

Kagerou Imaizumi is a werewolf who lives in the Bamboo Forest of the Lost. Differing from many people's image of a werewolf, she's very calm and dislikes fighting. Today, she's come to the Misty Lake to talk with Wakasagihime.

Wakasagihime is a freshwater mermaid who lives in the Misty Lake. She's tranquil by nature and enjoys singing and collecting stones. She lives a peaceful life, never hurting others. Right now, she's poking her head above the water and greeting her friend.

Sekibanki is a rokurokubi living among the humans in their village. Keeping herself to herself, she has a cynical view of the world and is yet to open up to others. She watches Kagerou and Wakasagihime talk and laugh on the lake shore. Will she remain as distant as ever, or did she come here with something else in mind...?

The Japanese term for localized bulletin board systems is "kusa-no-ne net," or translated literally, "grassroots networks." They are PC communication services run by an individual or a small group of people. Operating via telephone lines, they provided message boards and chatrooms for people to share their interests and exchange data and information before the internet became widespread.

The Grassroots Youkai Network provides a place for responsible youkai to exchange information and so forth. As a result, it's highly exclusionary, and its true form, scale, and structure remain unknown. Seeing as there are no phone lines (let alone the internet) in Gensokyo, it's thought someone involved must have knowledge of the outside world. How else could you explain the organization's name?