It's Spring!

Lily White is the fairy herald of spring. She brings spring to Gensokyo. When she finds minute changes that a normal human would never notice, she goes around telling everyone in hibernation―both the living and the non-living―that spring has come.

If you meet Lily, the herald of spring, you might be able to experience spring a little earlier than everyone else.

Maybe it is because she is so focused on telling everyone about spring, or maybe she is just dumb... Lily sometimes gets into silly scrapes, like getting caught by human children and almost getting stuck in a bottle by Sakuya.

Perhaps Lily has spring versus summer showdowns with Eternity Larva and spring versus winter showdowns with Letty. It is hard to imagine Lily winning in either of these cases, though she did once get the better of Sunny when she came to play a prank on her.

Lily is the quickest to find spring―even quicker than Aya, who is always there right after any incident occurs. Lily might be quite good at reporting, at least where spring is concerned. Maybe a Lily in another Gensokyo is working in PR and competing with Aya for scoops. Since both their scoops would be completely untrustworthy, they would only be able to compete by comparing how interesting their scoops were.