Late-Night Lesson

Cirno is a moron who― Sorry, an ice fairy who lives near the lake. She decided to study at the school because she felt like people viewed her as a moron. However, no one has ever seen her taking notes.

Daiyousei is a fairy who watches over Cirno nervously― Sorry, plays with Cirno regularly. Predictably, she came to class to keep an eye on Cirno, but it seems she became so engrossed in studying that she forgot all about her ice fairy friend.

Rumia is a youkai who lives her life in the shadows. She came to class after finding out Cirno would be attending, but she fell asleep the moment she finished writing her name on her problem sheet. It seemed plausible she was studying hard in her dream, but her quiet murmur of "Can I eat them...?" put any such optimism to rest... literally.

Keine Kamishirasawa is a half-beast, half-human who teaches at the Human Village school. The Bunbunmaru Newspaper once published a story claiming she was considering opening up a history school. That idea of hers then went on to become the school she teaches at today, where language and math are also taught. During the day, she teaches human children, but at night, she holds classes for any fairies and youkai with a desire to learn.

As another night's class came to a close, Keine looked around the room with a worried expression. Daiyousei always worked hard, but Keine was still unsure what type of homework she could give Cirno and Rumia to help them learn the study material. Whatever the case, she knew her first move was to give Rumia a firm headbutt as punishment for sleeping through yet another class. "This should do the trick," she thought as she lunged head-first toward her unsuspecting student.