Magic of Light and Dreams

"Sunny Milk is the sunlight fairy, and she works as a guide at Doremyland. Before opening time, she was diligently studying the layout of the park. Luna Child is the moonlight fairy, and she manages Doremyland's food court. Apparently, there's a subtle trick to piling food onto plates and carrying it out to customers. Star Sapphire is the starlight fairy, and she's in charge of cleaning at Doremyland. It looks like she's practicing drawing pictures on the ground with water to put a smile on the guests' faces."

"An amusement park can't function without its staff. Only with a host of staff members who fully understand what makes the park fun and unique can the guests lose all track of time and have the time of their lives. And that holds true even in the Dream World, where the three newly appointed fairy staff members were each practicing hard so they could fulfill their designated roles when opening time finally came."

"""I'll block out any random noise so everyone can hear the music!"" ""All right, I'll show you where most of the guests are gathered!"" ""Right at the end, I'll gather a whole bunch of light and shine it everywhere!"" The three fairies were practicing their finishing poses for the parade. The Ruler of Dreams had said earlier that the parade is how they can truly capture the hearts of their guests. Whether it was playing a prank on an unsuspecting victim or putting a smile on everyone's faces with a parade, the fairies were always thinking of ways to surprise people. With those three in the mix, Doremyland's guests were surely in for a memorable show!"

"Dreaming in Doremyland Bedtime was approaching, and there were many humans and youkai set to arrive in Doremyland soon. Meanwhile, the three fairies were getting in some last-minute practice. ""Quick, what's the most fun thing about Doremyland?"" ""When should I start cleaning the park?"" ""What was the recipe for Dream Sandwiches, again?"" They each had a lot to remember, but this was a dream of their making, so they were ready to do their best! The fairies didn't yet know what their staff outfits would look like, and they simply couldn't wait to find out!"

"As the three fairies upped the intensity of their practice session, the Ruler of Dreams watched down on them quietly from atop the Ferris wheel. ""I'm glad I chose them as my staff. This is surely going to be a wonderful dream,"" she muttered to herself. The Ruler of Dreams wanted everyone to experience a dream-like amusement park. What's more, she wanted to be a part of it. She carefully slipped into the outfit she'd prepared and, in an instant, transformed into Doremyland's very own mascot! But she wouldn't be the only one to transform on this night. She picked up the three staff outfits that sat beside her and stepped off the Ferris wheel..."