Makai God's Descent

I-It says... "Makai!" What a name! That's the place that's home to countless magical beings and a demon overlord hell-bent on conquering the human world, right?! How exciting! All right, it's time to decipher some more of this text. Hey, little black cat. If you find a word you can read on here, just gimme a meow, OK? ...Who am I kidding? You're just a cat!

This part says... "denizens of Makai!" That must be what you call beings that live in Makai! I wonder where they are, what they look like. Maybe they look like humans with wings and horns. Nah, that'd be too cliche. For all I know, they could all wear maid uniforms.

This word is... "magicians!" So, there are magicians living in Makai. But denizens of Makai and magicians both seem like they'd be able to use magic. I wonder what the difference between them is. Maybe it's got something to do with their place of birth and residency status.

Whoa... "The god of Makai has come!" I finally found mention of the god of Makai. I guess it makes sense that they don't write about their evil overlord too often. Then again, she's hands down the most important person in Makai. Look, it says here she's the one who created it. Maybe she's planning to lead the denizens of Makai in an invasion of the human world! ...Huh? The next line says, "The god of Makai doesn't interfere in the goings on of Makai, she is merely an observer." What a letdown.

Hold up... "Human world tours now available?!" I was expecting to read way more interesting things than this. This is just a bunch of travel guides and travel plan leaflets! Isn't this supposed to be Makai? Where are all the evil, hair-raising threats of world domination?! ...No, I can't give up. I'll decipher every piece of text in this world if I have to. C'mon, little black cat! Let's keep looking for the Makai of my dreams! Ow, ow, ow! Watch your claws!