My Girl's the Cutest!

Eirin Yagokoro makes medicine at Eientei and distributes it for humans and youkai alike as the Hourai Pharmacist. She came to visit Reisen, but she can confidently say that her apprentice Reisen is cuter than anybody else.

Byakuren Hijiri is the nun at Myouren Temple. She is loved by many youkai, and she loves them back like her own children. She can confidently say that her followers Murasa and Ichirin are cuter than anybody else.

Ran Yakumo is Yukari's nine-tailed kitsune shikigami. Ran is often busy, but she came to visit Chen. She can confidently say that her shikigami Chen is cuter than anybody else.

The three of them unconsciously put their thoughts into words: "She's the cutest!" At first, they all think the others are praising their apprentice/followers/shikigami, but it soon becomes apparent that this isn't the case... It just results in them arguing about which one is really the cutest.

Their argument has no winners, so they decide to settle it with bullets... But then, Reisen, Murasa, Ichirin, and Chen appear, their faces bright red. In unison, they shout, "Stop! This is embarrassing!" Parents who dote too much can smother their children and scare them away, so Eirin, Byakuren, and Ran should be careful.