My Lunatic World!

Clownpiece is a fairy of Hell, and considering how the Goddess of Hell, Hecatia, pays her special attention, perhaps she's even the leader of these fairies. Hell is a brutal and harsh place, but apparently, Clownpiece is one of its more powerful denizens.

Hell is a world beyond death where the Yama pass judgment and kishin deal out punishments. It's thought that phantoms, who don't require any punishments, await reincarnation in the Netherworld. Hecatia, the Goddess of Hell, plans to create a new and innovative Hell that incorporates the power of nature.

Fairies are aspects of nature given from, kind of like manifestations of life itself. They are small in stature but great in number. Fairies can be found wherever there is nature, and they come back to life as long as nature persists, so you shouldn't underestimate them under any circumstances. They can also harm humans if they so desire.

It is now known that fairies also live in the harsh environment of Hell and that they can even survive on the surface of the moon, which is supposed to be a dead world. However, there are still many mysteries and possibly untapped potential regarding the out-of-control lifeforce possessed by fairies imbued with madness. It was previously thought that fairies weren't capable of causing or resolving any incidents, but perhaps this needs to be reassessed...

"Mistreeeess?! Lady Junkooooo?! Where did they go? I wanted to show them these balloons I got. I'm sure they'll like them. Hmm, they can't have gone far... Mistreeeess?! Lady Junkooooo?! "