The sinless deceased spend their time as ghosts here until they ascend or reincarnate. The seasons are beautiful here, and the spring cherry blossoms are particularly stunning. The insects, birds, and beasts here are all dead as well, silent as they flitter through the sky.

The trees are so beautiful with their seasonal colors that the dead forget all about ascension and reincarnation.

It is a world for the dead, but because of a hole in the barrier between it and the world of the living, it is fairly easy to come and go. It has become quite the famous cherry blossom viewing spot for those in the know.

There is an immense shrine called Hakugyokurou. Yuyuko Saigyouji lives there and would be happy to have you visit before you ascend.

Sometimes you can hear laughter and music in the quiet Netherworld. This usually comes from Yuyuko and her friends happily chatting away as they feast while listening to the Prismriver Ensemble's performance.