New Year's Shrine Visit VI

The Scarlet Devil Mansion sparkled with glee as it welcomed in the New Year. The clear blue sky stretched on and on, and excitement filled the air. "No New Year's would be complete without New Year's fun and games!" "Agreed." "The skies are clear, and there's a cool breeze blowing. Which means... it's the perfect day for flying a kite!" "What are we waiting for? Let's head out to the garden!" "Make sure to fly the kite real high!" "...Huh?"

Remilia Scarlet is the older of the two Scarlet sisters. She'd taken a liking to her furisode and was in a great mood. She was very happy with her special kite but was starting to feel a little peckish. Flandre Scarlet is the younger of the two Scarlet sisters, and she felt over the moon wearing a furisode that matched her big sister's. She excitedly watched the kite soar up high, but there were other fun things she wanted to do too. Hong Meiling was feeling ready to do whatever it took to make sure the kite flew!

The Scarlet Devil Mansion's specially-made kite soared up and up into the blue sky. "Sakuya said it could handle strong gusts of wind, so how about we see how high we can go?!" "If we try, we might even be able to go up past the sky!" "I thought I heard a voice say, 'Huh? I didn't agree to that!' but it must just be the wind playing tricks on me!"

"It's New Year's Day! There are tons of other fun things we gotta do!" "There's hanetsuki, spinning tops... oh, and karuta. But we better do that indoors. Wouldn't want all the cards to blow away!" "It's sunny, but the air's still cold this time of year." "Sakuya's here, and she says food is ready. Let's head back inside where it's warm and play games!" "Hang on, where did Meiling go?" "Ummm... I was having so much fun that I didn't even notice she was gone! I'm so hungry from all that kite flying. Let's eat first and look for her later!" "Wait! Don't forget to gargle and wash your hands!"

"New Year's Day can really drag, huh? Wanna read the tengu newspaper to kill some time?" [Mysterious Object Spotted Flying in New Year's Skies! Head Priest Denies Involvement! Who's the True Culprit?!] "So there's something drifting around Gensokyo, huh?" "The picture kinda makes it look like a kite. Maybe someone forgot to bring it home with them..." "Wait, isn't that Meiling?" "You're right, it's her!" "Just when we were wondering where she'd gone off to... What was she doing getting her picture taken flying way up in the sky?!" "I-I'm back..." "Welcome home, Meiling!" "All right, let's get back out there and do some more kite flying!"