Opening Time at Doremyland

Doremy Sweet is a Baku who consumes dreams but also lives in them. If anyone appears seeking to misuse the Dream World, she swiftly disposes of them. Tonight, however, she seems different to usual...

Amusement parks, also known as theme parks, are special places where stories and their characters come to life. They're full of ways for not only children but people of all ages to have tons of fun. "I wanna take a picture with that character!" "I wanna go on a soaking-wet adventure on the pirate ship!" "I wanna buy stuff in the town I saw in my favorite anime!" At an amusement park, all those wishes can come true. Such a place can surely be referred to as a land of dreams.

Once, over 2,000 people claimed to have seen the same man in a dream. The contents of each person's dream were different, but the same face appeared in all of them. Assuming all dreams are fundamentally connected, that sort of phenomenon could potentially occur. There were many theories about the man, but it seems the accepted conclusion is that it was all a hoax performed for marketing purposes. However... if the Ruler of Dreams, Doremy, appeared in everyone's dreams one night, how many people would attempt to find her?

Dreaming in Doremyland Doremy Sweet built an amusement park in the Dream World and became its mascot. She had to design the attractions, hire staff, and come up with a dance for the parade, none of which she had any experience with. Everything was getting a bit out of hand, but... Doremy was having the time of her life.

A piece of paper with Doremy's face drawn on it floated gently on the breeze. Except it wasn't just one... or two, for that matter. Wanted posters for Doremy were suddenly everywhere to be found in the Dream World. But who could be behind this?! Doremy ran all over the park in a panic, trying to retrieve the wanted posters. She was wearing her mascot costume so as not to be seen, but she was forgetting she'd designed it to look like herself! She was chasing after a poster, but the wind kept blowing it out of her reach. She stumbled, and just as she was about to fall over... ...a certain high school girl with supernatural powers spotted her and grinned! Come to think of it, it's possible the girl made all the wanted posters simply as a way to find Doremy.