Order Rush

On paper, Youmu Konpaku is Hakugyokurou's gardener and Yuyuko's fencing instructor. In reality, however, she is drastically overworked and performs all manner of tasks, including cooking.

The long and short swords that Youmu wields are named Roukanken and Hakurouken, respectively. Roukanken was forged by youkai and is said to be capable of cutting down ten phantoms in a single stroke. If all your prepping is commonly found ingredients, there's likely nothing this blade can't cut through. Hakurouken is a prized possession of the Konpaku family and has been passed down through the generations. It slices through people's doubt and so has the ability to guide phantoms toward enlightenment.

Sukiyaki is a Japanese dish made by frying meat and various other ingredients in a shallow iron pan, then simmering them in a sweet, soy sauce-based sauce often called "warishita." Sukiyaki is thought to have begun as a form of beef hotpot, but there is debate as to where its name and cooking method originated. Regardless, it seems the dish gained popularity at the start of the Meiji Era of Japanese history. In the 8th year of Meiji (1875), there were roughly 70 beef hotpot restaurants, but just two years later, there were over 500 bustling establishments.

Gensokyo Delivery Service: Supportmates In the Hakugyokurou kitchen, Youmu was doing battle. No matter how many dishes she completed, there was always another order waiting. She was busier than any of the proverbial bees in the mansion's garden. There had been times when she'd collapsed the instant she completed the day's final order. She had been asked to help out the Supportmates, but you can't help but wonder if she didn't regret saying yes so candidly...

It turns out there was no need to worry. One look at the satisfaction on her peacefully sleeping face is enough to know she had no regrets. She trained every day, but perhaps getting the chance to use her skills beyond the mansion grounds was a welcome change of pace. Actually, there was a moment when Youmu's phantom half peered into one of the cooking pots, having been lured in by the scrumptious aroma, to which Youmu immediately drew Hakurouken and commanded her phantom half to back off. How did that little dispute end again? Back then, Youmu may have just made idle threats, but if she were to slice down her phantom half, things surely wouldn't end well for her...