Sakuya Izayoi is a human with the ability to manipulate time. And yet, for some reason, she serves Remilia as the Scarlet Devil Mansion's head maid. Don't forget, that's only the story of Sakuya Izayoi in a certain world of a certain timeline.

Hecatia Lapislazuli is a goddess with bodies in the Hells of Earth, on the Moon, and in the Otherworlds. One possibility worth considering lies in the Otherworlds―what if another identical Hecatia existed in one of them...? The world that reflects in Hecatia's eyes may be of a far grander scale than we can imagine.

Movies are a relatively recent invention and refer to reels of film shown in movie theaters. They rank among theater, tale-telling, and music as one of the many forms of artistic expression. However, movies differ greatly from their peers. 3D forms of art, like theater, are experienced from the audience's perspective as they watch a solely unique performance unfold before their eyes. Movies, on the other hand, are 2D and are experienced from the director's perspective. The audience watches only the parts of the performance the director has deemed best.

Capsule-Crazy Gensokyo Main actress: Sakuya Izayoi. Supporting actress: Sakuya Izayoi. Extra: Sakuya Izayoi. Behind-the-scenes staff: Sakuya Izayoi. From the devilishly talented, rising-star director Hecatia Lapislazuli comes a full-day movie-theater experience that's sure to leave you speechless, packed with all the best bits of the action, adventure, comedy, and fantasy genres. Prepare to witness history in the making.

"I know her... She's me. They're all me. But we come from different worlds." Upon a fateful occurrence, Sakuyas from multiple worlds spring into action. At times they come together, at others, they drift apart. Will they see eye-to-eye, or will their blades meet in battle?! Only one thing is for certain―they are all Sakuya Izayoi. Watch as their paths cross, and a life-changing adventure begins... [Excerpt taken from the "Story Summary" page of the special booklet gifted to movie-goers who bought tickets early.]