Shikigami Detectives

"Have you heard about those two detectives? They're amazing!" "Of course I have! The Shikigami Detectives, right?" The Yukari Yakumo Detective Agency is the talk of the town, thanks in no small part to their detective duo who can solve any case! Mysteries, crimes, the location of the bad guys' hideout―they'll find the truth of it all, smashing through any obstacles with explosions and nunchaku! Huh? You don't know them? This simply won't do! At this rate, you might get caught in one of their explosions or struck by a nunchaku!

Ran Yakumo is a veteran detective with a sharp mind and a no-nonsense attitude. She solves cases with her dazzling explosions, often rounding things off with her catchphrase, "Another case closed." What about the damage caused by the explosions, you say? Tut, tut. You shouldn't concern yourself with such trivial things. Chen is a fresh-off-the-block detective who greatly looks up to her superior Ran Yakumo. With her sunglasses and beloved nunchaku, she's a fearsome fighter. Whether she's working a case or taking some time off, her nunchaku can always be heard swishing through the air! What's that? You heard she sometimes hits Ran by accident? As if Ran would be bothered by such a trivial thing!

Let's hear about their heroics as detectives! In a recent case, they blew up a smuggling syndicate's hideout. They strutted out from the hideout just as the building was blown sky-high, the heat of the explosion at their backs. When picturing it, you couldn't be blamed for imagining rock music playing in the background. Actually, they solved the robbery case before that with an explosion too. And the kidnapping case before that. Any case worked by the shikigami detectives always ends with a big explosion. They leave no case unsolved and no building unexploded! What's that? If Ran is so smart, why does she blow everything up? Isn't it obvious? Because blowing things up is the best way to solve cases!

Myouren Detectives: The Phantom Sniper The detectives are faced with a perplexing case. If they asked around, they might find fellow detectives closer than they think. But even among detectives, surely there are many different styles of investigation. Some rush to examine the scene of the crime, while others collect and analyze evidence, before letting logic and reason lead the way. Surely, then, at least one pair of detectives should be allowed to solve cases with spectacular explosions and blinding martial arts...

"Boss, the case has been solved," read the message Ran sent to her superior. The response contained mild praise along with orders to head straight to the site of the next investigation, as it always did. "Ooh, I wonder what type of case it will be! I can't wait to swing my nunchaku like this! And like this!" said Chen as she swung her nunchaku about furiously. "Cut that out. It's dangerous," replied Ran, as Chen lost control and accidentally hit her. But don't worry, accidents related to nunchaku and explosions are so frequent they could almost be considered... trivial!