Shooting Star Magician

A lover of shooting stars in the night sky, a keen mushroom-hunter, a collector of all things, a researcher of magic, and a master of magic items. Who is she? Just your run-of-the-mill ordinary magician.

What did Marisa Kirisame lose, and what is she in pursuit of? Now that she's gotten involved with the Lost Word Incident, there's no going back... no matter what side she's on. Those who receive Lost Words and those who bestow them are equal in that they have both lost something.

Marisa once had a run-in with an evil dragon, who ended up giving her one of its true offspring. Marisa and the young dragon then became inseparable, doing everything together. Needing a way to refer to the dragon, Marisa named it "Astra," meaning "star" in a foreign tongue, but the two could rarely be seen speaking together. Perhaps they were using a special language only audible to dragons.

The Black Magic Knight's old friend is the one who named the Sword of Kirisame and forged the mini hakkero. Those two items were once separate, but have now been combined to form the Master Blade, a new magic weapon made of the mythical metal, hihi'irokane.

Making wishes on those shooting stars you care for so much. Praying to one day become one, and falling for those who soar just like them through the night sky. Oh, Lady of Shooting Stars, how foolish you are.