Stadium Delights

Things took an unexpected turn, and the stadium erupted into panic. People jumped up from their seats, ran around aimlessly, and let out cries of confusion. None could remain calm in a situation like this. None but Byakuren Hijiri, who was relaxing and enjoying the show. She is a Buddhist nun, after all. No matter the situation, she's always able to remain calm. But perhaps this was different... She may simply have been focused on eating the food she'd bought.

Byakuren Hijiri is a Buddhist nun at Myouren Temple. On this day, she'd come to the competition in support of a certain someone. It seems she thought it a good idea to spend time somewhere more lively (if one could use such a word to describe the chaotic stadium) once in a while. Apparently, she was rather blown away by the food on sale there, questioning why it all tasted so delicious. Other than food and drink, there were plenty of goods on sale in the stadium. It seems Byakuren didn't quite know what they were for, but she certainly enjoyed buying them, which, of course, led her to buy more than she needed. With those who were sat around her now running around the stadium in a panic, she saw fit to borrow their seats. "Oh, but I'll make sure to finish eating all of this before they get back," she assured herself.

Different sects of Buddhism have various beliefs and teachings regarding desire and pleasure. While some preach the virtues of a lack of desire and being content with the things one already has, others speak of how expanding your desires can lead to the happiness of others. Whether such philosophies apply to the choice between resisting the temptation of the stadium delicacies or gorging on them to your heart's content is unclear... but shouldn't Byakuren be more focused on the competition than the food? "It's fine. All the food here is plant-based," she reassured herself. If that's true, then perhaps she truly had nothing to worry about. Wait... what's that got to do with anything?!

The Secret God Games The stadium descended into chaos as the participants screamed and the supporters panicked. But perhaps there were some who were relaxing and enjoying the occasion. After all, whether it's as a participant or a spectator, everyone has a different idea of fun... right?

"I see. So that's the type of competition this is... How incredibly interesting," thought the Buddhist nun as she shoveled sweets and the food she'd bought into her mouth. This time, it wasn't the food, but the competition itself that had blown her away. "Everyone at the temple could use a break every now and then, and this sort of activity doesn't seem so bad," she smiled to herself, watching on as the competition continued. In the following days, there were reports of screams and thunderous bangs coming from the temple grounds.