Stop Right There!

Tewi Inaba is a youkai rabbit who lives at Eientei. She is extremely old and is among the youkai who existed before the creation of Gensokyo. If you ever get lost in the bamboo forest, the first thing you should do is search for Tewi. If you find her, you'll surely be able to find your way to safety. (This is due to the good fortune that she imparts to people.)

Reisen Udongein Inaba is a moon rabbit who now lives on Earth at Eientei. She apparently grew weary of battle during the Earth's assault on the moon, so she fled and has lived in Gensokyo ever since. She once instigated a major incident along with Eirin and the others after receiving a message from a moon rabbit. It read, "It looks like another war is about to begin. I'll come for you on the night of the next full moon."

The Bamboo Forest of the Lost is situated on the opposite side of the Human Village to the Youkai Mountain. It's named so because all who enter inevitably get lost. This is due to the lack of notable landmarks within it as well as the rapidly growing bamboo, which ensure you never see the same scenery twice. Furthermore, the expansive forest is slightly sloped, resulting in the bamboo growing at an angle, which messes with the spatial orientation of those who walk there.

Reisen set out with a medicine box on her back for her routine visit to the Human Village on Eirin's behalf. But on her way, she fell into a deep pit. There was no need to question who dug the pit, as there could only be one culprit... Reisen's cries of fury echoed through the Bamboo Forest of the Lost.

Tewi dashed through the bamboo trees like a rabbit evading a fox, smiling all the while. Reisen was hot in pursuit, firing bullet after bullet. Eventually, it was Eirin who put a stop to their frantic game of tag after a youkai rabbit came crying to her, claiming she'd been hit by a stray bullet.