The Heat of My Fingertips

"I do not have any words. I have no words, but if I could speak words, it would be like this. Now then, tonight's other world is different from the rest. Destinies have deposited one atop the other to form strata. Is there only one fossil or a whole ruin that has not yet seen the light of day?" Lady Remilia Scarlet is noble, wise, and eternally young. She is our vampire lady of fate. Her magnificent title is "The Scarlet Devil." It remains a mystery as to whether she was born a vampire, transformed from a human, came to be through parthenogenesis, or inherited her life from another. Even I don't know. All I know is that the fate of my mistress is always beautiful and pure. "You" do not exist in any world. You shouldn't exist in any world, yet here you are. Why is that?

Miss Hong Meiling's true identity is a mystery even to me. She is a type of youkai that can manipulate qi, so in a way, she has what is necessary to speak with me. However, we have never conversed with words. She takes care of my flowers. And when she dozes off in front of me, I also start to feel sleepy. Koakuma is such an incredibly hard worker that she even organizes Miss Meiling's manga collection. She can be a bit scatterbrained at times, but she is still Lady Patchouli's most competent familiar. She is a great help to me as well since it is really nice when the inside of my head is all clean and neatly arranged.

Lady Patchouli Knowledge is an honored guest who never leaves. However, I am very grateful for that. Lady Patchouli turned the library into a defacto laboratory, which revolutionized my brain in a sense... Incidentally, Patchouli claims to not be very good with medicine-producing magic, but spirit magic and alchemy are closely related, so I doubt she is as bad as she says. Miss Sakuya Izayoi takes care of me more than anyone else. In fact, she makes sure that I look pretty and manages my health. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to say that my life completely changed when Miss Sakuya arrived. Even though my mistress is a devil, it wouldn't be right for me to look all haunted.

I still vividly remember the day when the young mistress, Flandre Scarlet, was born. It was such a wonderful and glorious (nightmarish) day! The sisters are so elegant (cruel), lovely (merciless), and beautiful (terrifying)! The young mistress is my heart. "They claim honorable lineage to the child of the dragon. And we are a united people who gather around the dragon's heart..."

Fate. Gungnir Muspelheim. Its true form is the Scarlet Devil Mansion. It is not a tsukumogami, but perhaps it is something similar to the tools from Makai. "Burn. Burn. Burst into flames and burn to ash, like the late shadow of the scarlet moon. Release not light but scarlet darkness. Deliver a new moon to the Scalet Devil Queen on the last night of every month. Change everyone's voice and your own not to light but to scarlet darkness. That is why I burst into flames. Again and again, forevermore."