The Surface Is So Fun!

Clownpiece is a fairy of Hell. In the past, she caused an incident on the moon under Hecatia's orders. It is said that Reimu and the others struggled to defeat her because she was stronger than all the other fairies. She now lives in Gensokyo and plays pranks with Cirno, Sunny Milk, and the other fairies.

Lily White is the Fairy Herald of Spring. She is able to sense the faintest hint of spring and is the first to tell everyone of its coming. She is a gentle fairy, but she always becomes hyperactive and flies about everywhere when spring comes around.

Daiyousei does not have an official name. Daiyousei means big or greater fairy in Japanese. It seems that she is called this in order to differentiate her from the ordinary fairies. Cirno and the other fairies call her by the nickname, Dai.

Humans are in a constant cycle of living, dying, and being reborn anew... It is said that Hell is the world with the most painful path to reincarnation. Clownpiece was once asked by the Three Fairies to show them what Hell looks like, so she handcrafted a representation beneath Hakurei Shrine. The Three Fairies were terribly frightened by what they saw... This also led to Reimu finding out that Clownpiece was living underneath the shrine.

Clownpiece, a fairy of Hell, started living in Gensokyo one day. This may be because she was ordered to by her mistress, Hecatia. Clownpiece is surely having an enjoyable and exciting time living on the surface with the other fairies, as it is teeming with life forms that are foreign to both Hell and the moon.