Underworld Party Night

Satori Komeiji is a satori youkai and the older sister of Koishi Komeiji. Unlike Koishi, Satori tends to avoid other people and prefers not to venture out from the Palace of the Earth Spirits. Their personalities also differ, with Satori being far more amenable and reserved.

Koishi Komeiji is a satori youkai and the younger sister of Satori Komeiji. Unlike Satori, Koishi likes to roam freely and explore the world around her. Their personalities also differ, with Koishi being full of energy and curiosity.

It seemed there were lots of concerts and events taking place above ground. Satori couldn't help but feel blue watching Koishi leave the palace in search of the rumored fun. Noticing her older sister's glum look, Koishi took her by the hand, in what made for a rather touching sisterly moment. But Satori didn't budge. She insisted that singing in front of a crowd would be far too embarrassing, and she refused to leave.

Koishi longed to take part in the events above, but Satori continued to refuse. The two had reached a stalemate, but it didn't last long. Unable to ignore her little sister's wishes, Satori soon caved. However, she thought of a way to stall―she agreed to perform only once she'd practiced enough so as not to embarrass herself on stage. In the coming days of practice, she hoped that Koishi's curiosity would find something new to latch on to.

But who could've predicted what was to come? With their practice barely underway, Satori began singing with even more enthusiasm than Koishi. While taken aback by the sudden change in her older sister's behavior, Koishi refused to be outdone and upped her efforts. The sister's joyful singing voices lit up the Palace of the Earth Spirits like never before. They may not have made it above ground, but Koishi was surely having more than enough fun.