Unidentified Sniper

Phantom Thief Nue Houjuu lives inside the tiny swap box and is a sniper in a phantom thief crew. She peers down her scope, locks onto her target, and, with a single bullet, plunges her enemies into chaos. She never misses. However, while she may not miss, she does tend to lose lists of her targets and drop small trinkets and treasures.

One theory states the origin of snipers lies in hunting. It's not possible to down your prey by simply aiming and shooting. Hunters have to be aware of every factor that could affect their shot. That includes the direction and strength of the wind, the temperature, and even the shape of the ground between them and their target. They align their breathing with their prey's and become one with their environment. Hunting is often described as an art form, but perhaps it wouldn't be possible without highly sophisticated analytic skills.

A sniper's skillset can occasionally be useful in competitions In smallbore rifle shooting, the competitors have to shoot targets using a variety of stances. In biathlon, they have to shoot targets after a bout of cross-country skiing. All such competitions could be described as shooting competitions, but each uses a specific type of rifle and has its own unique rules. What they have in common is that all the competitors refine their techniques in the hopes of claiming glory. In recent times, guns are far more than just weapons in the outside world.

Code Name: Picara ~Five Tails~ The sniper has many tasks in a phantom thief crew. She secures escape routes, deactivates traps, and removes any obstacles. With the capability to keep a mission on track from afar, she's an extremely valuable member of the crew. As a result, should she be spotted by the enemy, they immediately seek to neutralize her. But Nue has the ability to make herself unidentifiable. She alters her foes' perceptions, and before they realize what's happened, she completes her mission and escapes. It's fair to say that her ability makes her the ultimate sniper.

Her magazine was empty. She only had one bullet left to protect her allies―the one loaded into the chamber. Having kept herself hidden for many hours, she was beginning to tire and felt her concentration slipping. But failure was not an option. The lives of her allies depended on the finger that now rested on the trigger. She shifted her rifle slowly until her cross-hairs lined up perfectly with her target. With a long, quiet breath, she attempted to focus her dwindling concentration power. She bit down hard on her lower lip to steady her hand. It was as if time itself stopped for an instant. The world as she saw it through her lens made perfect sense to her as she pulled the trigger... Nue's last bullet left the barrel of her rifle, screeching toward victory.