Unknown Barrier Team

"I don't trust them," muttered the girl as she flew within the space of a gap. The tiny girl next to her just looked at her with the most audacious smile.

This Reimu Hakurei is dressed in blue. She has come from a world far, far away. She is no doubt adept at using her Yin-Yang Orbs and Ofuda, but more than anything, she's an expert in summoning divine spirits to house them in her body. She learned this technique from the Yukari of her world right before she went to the moon for the first time.

"Trust cannot be forced. And there is nothing wrong with that." The tiny girl spewed words that seemed utterly pointless. But to the girl, they made perfect sense. She meant that the girl wouldn't have said those words if she didn't think the opposite.

No one really knows where the tiny Yukari came from. Is she truly Yukari Yakumo? If not... who is she?

"Let's hurry on ahead." The girl and the tiny girl traveled through the gap at greater speed. They would soon arrive at a new and unknown parallel world. How many years would it take this time…? Hundreds… or perhaps even thousands? The girl in blue thought about how she would have gone crazy by now if she was still her old self.