Kutaka Niwatari is a hard-working god of chickens who lives on the Youkai Mountain and oversees the gateway to Otherworlds in Higan. While she is the god of chickens, she's specifically the god of wild chickens from a time before they were domesticated by humans for food. Today, she is once again working hard and doing all she can to better the standing of chickens.

Cirno is an energetic ice fairy. She likes to sleep, play, and pull pranks. It's no surprise then that she often finds herself in trouble. Daiyousei is a fairy who can almost always be found playing with Cirno. She's calm and kind but has her hands full looking out for her ice fairy friend. She's always there to pick up the pieces when one of Cirno's pranks goes too far...

The Japanese word for chicken is "niwa-tori," meaning "garden bird." The kanji for chicken can also be found in multiple Japanese words describing the time before daybreak. This is because chickens are said to crow before the sun rises. Even on days when you'd love a lie-in, the chickens' merciless crows echo before the sun shines.

The sun had not yet risen on the shores of the Misty Lake, where Cirno and Daiyousei were fast asleep after playing to their hearts' content the day before. "Nu-uh... I said I don't want any more grilled chicken... zzz..." one of them said as they tossed in their sleep. Little did they know, the peace of the early morn was about to be cut short...

"Wakey-wakey!" cried a chicken―or rather, cried Kutaka Niwatari before the crack of dawn. That's the story, according to a local vampire, who lives not far from the lake. Cirno and Daiyousei leaped up from their sleep and fled from the shore. "Well, those two sure started the day with a spring in their step!" smiled Kutaka as she looked around for someone else to wake up. "There's another one!" she exclaimed, eyeing her next victim. But who could it have been...?