Youkai Mountain Concert

Aya Shameimaru is a crow tengu reporter who constantly scours Gensokyo in search of the next big scoop. She runs the Bunbunmaru Newspaper, which often publishes stories centered around the Human Village but is read all across Gensokyo.

Hatate Himekaidou is a crow tengu reporter who excels at using her thoughtography to get info for articles. She runs the Kakashi Spirit News, a competitor of Aya's Bunbunmaru Newspaper. With both her and Aya being crow tengu and running newspapers, the two are natural rivals.

Among tengu, crow tengu are mainly tasked with reporting, and supposedly, many of them sell self-published newspapers. However, it seems that rather than focusing on strictly reporting facts, they opt to maximize the entertainment factor of their publications, providing something fun to read for their fellow tengu. With that in mind, you might say Aya and Hatate's newspapers contain the most serious reporting.

Aya burst into the concert venue looking for a scoop, only to see Hatate had gotten there first. In the past, Hatate had relied solely on her thoughtography to research stories, but at some point, she started physically going to locations. Regretting not setting off for the venue sooner, Aya went over to give her rival a not-so-friendly greeting. "I've been bumping into you all over recently. What's the matter? Run out of imaginary stories to print?"

"And what about you? I thought you were the fastest reporter in the game. Turns out you're the slowest," replied Hatate with a defiant grin. From there, the two wrestled over the announcer mic, then fought tooth and claw to secure themselves interviews. It might seem like they hate each other, but the truth is they both get a real kick out of times like this. Perhaps the wrestling and the fighting are simply part of their greeting as rivals.